Solar co-op makes progress

Solarize Augusta

Have you wanted to get solar on your home but been prevented by the cost? Well, now you have the chance to join a local solar co-op that will make home solar in the Staunton and Augusta area much more affordable. But as they say on TV, it's a limited time offer. More energy hits the earth from the sun in one hour than the whole world uses all year.  Homeowners in Augusta County, Staunton and … [Read more...]

2015 Newtown Community Garden Interest Meeting

Newtown Community Garden Interest Meeting

All this cold and snowy weather has given us a late start on the gardening season. Maybe that's good — no one wants to lose their crop to a later winter super-freeze. But now everyone is chomping at the bit to get started so we're hosting a Tea Social at AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar on Saturday, March 28th from 5-6pm. Join us to learn about how much it costs and what it takes to be a Newtown … [Read more...]

Help Staunton go solar

Solarize Augusta

Neighbors in Augusta County, Staunton and Waynesboro, VA have formed a neighborhood solar co-op, Solarize Augusta, leveraging their collective buying power to go solar together and get a discount. The group is seeking more members and will be hosting an informational meeting on Thursday March 12th, 2015 at 6 pm at the Augusta County Government Center Board Meeting Room. The group got started … [Read more...]

New Proposed Pipeline Route

Proposed Dominion pipeline route revised

In response to concerns expressed by the Forest Service, Dominion has changed the proposed route of its planned natural gas pipeline, the Southeast Reliability Project. In the greater Augusta County area, the new route would pass through more populated areas. Formerly, the route under consideration crossed the southern part of Augusta County, through largely rural areas. The new route has … [Read more...]

P.E.A.K. #EnergyReality art show up through July 2014

PEAK #EnergyReality

The P.E.A.K. Energy-Reality art show, a partnership installation between the Post Carbon Institute and Transition Staunton Augusta (among many other groups in a nationwide collaboration), opened June 27, 2014 at 16 West by Virtually Sisters (16 West Beverley Street, Staunton.). P.E.A.K. (Public Energy Art Kit) Energy-Reality is a large-format printed compendium of 14 posters that addresses the … [Read more...]