The most important political office is that of private citizen.

– Louis Brandeis

Transition conference in the U.K. 2009

Transition conference in the U.K. 2009. Photo: transitionus from Flickr via Creative Commons.

Making the transition from today’s global economy based on cheap energy to a new world that is much more local and human scale will be challenging. But if we do it right, it can also be very rewarding.

All of us – black, white, yellow, and brown; young and old; liberal and conservative – will be needed to make our community resilient. No one is extra.

Will you help?

Invest in Our Work

We value your generous support and we promise to put it to the best possible use. Your investment can help us in our work to prepare Staunton and Augusta County for a future beyond fossil fuels while creating sustainable jobs and business opportunities:

  • Present the best documentaries on energy, community, and local economies in our monthly Local Motion Film Series
  • Educate and local citizens on peak oil and re-localizing our economy and help them to gain essential skills for the post-fossil fuel future such as gardening, food preservation, and energy efficiency
  • Organize citizen infrastructure projects such as community gardens and pocket parks, a local currency, and local small-scale manufacturing

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By Mail

Send your check payable to “Virginia Organizing” with “Transition Staunton Augusta” in the memo line to:

Transition Staunton Augusta
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